New segment! Every Thursday I'll post my top 5 covers of a comic subject. Since this year is the 70th anniversary of Superman, I thought I'd try to pick my favorite covers from his long history. Here's the first 5:

Superman # 233


I've always loved this cover! This is from the era where Superman was to be "de-powered" by having all Kryptonite on Earth turned into ordinary lead.

Superman #670


The new Superman family, nuff said.

Crisis on Infinite Earths #7


One of the most iconic covers in comics history, this issue is where the original Supergirl died sacrificing herself for her cousin.

Superman [vol.1] Annual #10


An awesome story showing once and for all the Pre-Crisis Superman really was the greatest of all time!

Superman #347


When I first saw this I thought "An enemy Superman can't touch? This has to be good..."