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Gearcritech has what seems to be the cover for the Sin City DVD. Apparently it's not a special edition, so we'll hopefully have to wait until Christmas time to bask in all the extras. It goes on sale August 16th.

Spider-Man 3 star Thomas Haden Church has dropped a few hints about which villain he is playing. 'Abysstare' says...

On page 57 of this week's double issue Entertainment Weekly (#826/827):

EW: After reminding the world he could really act in Sideways, the Oscar nominee will play an undisclosed, top secret villain in 2007's Spider-Man 3. How about a hint?

THC: "He's a horse of many colors."

EW: There are horses in Spider-Man?

THC: "Let's just say he's an amorphous collection of protons, electrons, and neutrons, of different colors."

There's some more, but that's the only part with any clues.

Electro? Sandman? Chameleon? What's your opinion on this?

press release:
MMO giant signs deal with Warner Bros to acquire franchises
Following earlier rumours of a deal between Sony Online Entertainment and Warner Bros. Interactive, it's been confirmed that SOE has acquired massively multiplayer online game The Matrix Online.

SOE has also secured licensing rights to develop a DC Comics MMOG for PC and next-generation consoles, featuring classic DC characters such as Batman, Superman Wonder Woman and the Sandman.

"SOE will work closely with Warner Bros. and DC Comics to maintain the authenticity consumers demand from the franchises," said SOE president John Smedley.

"We will also take steps to continue the same high level of service that subscribers have come to expect from The Matrix Online game."

Warner Bros.'s Jason Hall commented: "Our goal is to deliver quality content and consistently advance our key properties within the online games space. We've done just that with The Matrix Online.

"Because of our compelling work in developing and launching that game we can now move it over to the leaders in the MMO space, SOE," he added.

Matrix Online developer Monolith is now rumoured to be stepping away from the MMO genre altogether, preferring to concentrate on single player and small-scale multiplayer titles instead. According to reports, only 26 members of the current Matrix Online team will be retained, with the rest facing redundancy.

The planned DC comics MMO has yet to be titled, but SOE said the game is scheduled for a winter 2007 release.

The move to launch a comic book style MMORPG is not het first obviously, as both Freedom Force and City of Heroes currently offer online multiplayer gameplay as superheroes. Marvel announce that it was developing a game with Vivendi Universal (as part of a 10-year deal with Universal's Vu Games) in September of 2002 that would see release in 2005.

While there's been no official announcement or news of a Marvel/Universal MMORPG, the publisher has been in the news in relation to MMORPG when it sued City of Heroes publisher and producers (Cryptic Studios and NCsoft), claiming that the game maker was allowing and encouraging players to create characters based on copyrighted and trademarked Marvel characters in the game.

While the bulk of that case is still pending, one of Marvel's stated reasons for the action was that by allowing Marvel-based characters to appear in City of Heroes, NCsoft was damaging Marvel's ability to create its own MMORPG, based on its own universe. While NCsoft and Cryptic have vigorously defended their character generation software and pointed to their rules that forbid characters based on third party copyright holders from being used in the game, DC has stayed silent (at least publicly) about the game, and the possiblity of characters based on DC properties being used.

As Marvel has moved, DC may now possibly find itself in a similar position of desiring to "clear the decks" so to speak, and making sure that if any gamers want to experience online "life" as a DCU character, they will have to do it in the official SOE/WB DCU MMORPG.

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Cartoon Network has scheduled the "Clash" episode of Justice League Unlimited for Saturday, June 11 at 9 p.m. Captain Marvel, the World's Mightiest Mortal, joins the Justice League as Lex Luthor initiates a new plot. There's also an encore on Sunday, June 12 at 10:30 p.m. Jerry O'Connell supplies the voice of Captain Marvel and Shane Haboucha supplies the voice of Billy Batson.

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In conjunction with the Batman Begins movie, the New York Post will be giving away a reprint of Batman #608 on Monday, June 13. The issue, by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee, started the 12-part "Hush" storyline.

Check out the press release:

The New York Post will be giving away a free special edition Batman comic book in its papers on Monday, June 13th. The Post is providing its readers with the collectible in anticipation of the hotly awaited theatrical release of “Batman Begins” from Warner Pictures on June 15th.

The comic, “BATMAN: HUSH Chapter One: The Ransom”, is an out of print reprint originally published in 2002. This collectible edition will have a specially designed cover made exclusively for the New York Post.

BATMAN # 608 kicked off the bestselling and critically acclaimed “Batman Hush” storyline by writer Jeph Loeb, penciller Jim Lee and inker Scott Williams. In the story, Batman matches wits with his some of his famous villains.

The comic book will be inserted in the Sports Extra and Late City Final Editions of The Post in the tri-state area.

The New York Post, founded by Alexander Hamilton on November 16, 1801, is the oldest continuously published daily newspaper in the United States and the fastest growing paper in the country.

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press release:

JSA #73, the first chapter of the highly anticipated 3-part tale "Black Vengeance" and a tie-in to DAY OF VENGEANCE, has sold out at DC Comics. The issue, written by Geoff Johns with art by Don Kramer & Keith Champagne and a cover by Alex Ross, sold out twelve days after arriving in stores on May 11.

"I couldn't be happier," says writer Geoff Johns. "BLACK REIGN was a story we're very proud of, and I'm glad people are jumping on board for the follow-up. Alex's covers for the book have been simply stunning."

Check out the JSA minisite here!

Joining the growing list of INFINITE CRISIS-related projects to go back to press, THE OMAC PROJECT #2 has sold out at DC Comics and will go back to press for a new printing. The issue sold out twelve days before arriving in stores on May 25.THE OMAC PROJECT #2 Second Printing reprints the story by Greg Rucka with art by Jesus Saiz. The new printing features a variant version of the original cover by Ladrönn, with Batman, Sasha Bordeaux and an Omac on the viewscreen.

"I didn't expect this project to be so big," says Saiz. "I only knew the script was very exciting, and I'm glad the readers agree! Thanks to (VP — Executive Editor, DCU) Dan DiDio, (Editor) Joan Hilty, (Assistant Editor) Rachel Gluckstern, Greg and the whole DC crew for giving me the chance to be part of such a project, and of course, to all the readers for supporting it so much. We are nothing without you."

"With reader enthusiasm for THE OMAC PROJECT continuing to grow, we're happy to offer new printing," says Bob Wayne, DC's VP — Sales. "We suggest retailers order this printing now, as well as increasing their orders on upcoming issues."

As always, check out THE OMAC PROJECT minisite here. Click here for the bigger image.

Continuing the positive momentum and growth of its convention business, Wizard Conventions, the country’s foremost authority on everything related to comic books, gaming, anime, toys, collectibles and pop-culture, announced today that its Wizard World Philadelphia pop culture extravaganza attracted 27,000 attendees during its fourth annual visit to the Pennsylvania Convention Center, marking a five percent increase from the previous year. Guest of Honor J. Michael Straczynski (Fantastic Four, Amazing Spider-man and Rising Stars) presided over the event that saw fan turnout top last year’s 25,500 attendees - growth attributed to Wizard’s ongoing commitment to providing fans with the ability to get up-close-and-personal with today’s hottest pop culture celebrities and talent.

During the weekend, Wizard - in cooperation with Warner Brothers Studios, DC Comics and IMAX - provided a limited-admission, special advance screening of this summer’s upcoming blockbuster hit, Batman Begins, which had fans buzzing all weekend long. Adding to the excitement of the three-day event, actor Seth Green (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Austin Powers) and colleague Hugh Sterbakov were on hand for a panel and autograph signing session to launch their new Top Cow comic, The Freshman.

Wizard continued to round out its all-star cast with celebrities that included: Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica), Clare Kramer (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel), Lou Ferrigno (TV's Incredible Hulk), Peter Mayhew (Star Wars/Chewbacca), Kenny Baker (Star Wars/R2-D2), Jeremy Bulloch (Star Wars/Boba Fett), as well as Chris Claremont (writer, Uncanny X-Men, Excalibur), Steranko (Comic Revolutionary) and Carmine Infantino (creator, Batgirl, Silver Age Flash), among others.

“Whether it’s the Batman Begins screening or our Seth Green signing, we believe ‘access’ is the key to keeping fans happy and coming back year after year,” said Gareb Shamus, chairman and CEO of Wizard Conventions. “Considering that attendance has been growing consistently, providing these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities is the least we can do for our devoted fans that have helped to make Wizard World Philadelphia the premiere pop culture event on the east coast.”

Philadelphia’s world famous Geno’s Cheese Steaks donated fifty of their famous sandwiches for Wizard World Philadelphia’s second annual “Captain Cheese Steak” contest. Pennsylvania native Kevin Pasquarelli was crowned 2005’s Captain Cheese Steak, beating out seven other costumed contestants by consuming the most cheese steaks in five minutes to win a custom illustration from famed artist, Skottie Young (Marvel’s Human Touch and Venom books).

Wizard Conventions recently attracted 24,500 to its second-annual Wizard World Los Angeles event, prompting the event’s move to a much larger venue in 2006, the Los Angeles Convention Center. In 2004, Wizard World events drew more than 110,000 attendees, making it the undisputed pop culture draw of its kind in the country.

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Nuff Said... Jessica Alba's stunning atire for the 2005 MTV Movie Awards. Will this affect the opening sales of the new Fantastic Four movie? Only time will tell.