I just surfed to Teen Titans Animated and I was shocked to learn that season six of the hugely popular animated show may not even make it to the air. TTA cites that a source inside the series said Cartoon Network has decided not to pick up the show for the next season. I watch this show faithfully, with my daughter (who loves the show and watches every chance she can) as I did with Batman, Superman & Static Shock. If there are any fans out there who like this show & don't wanna see it end this way, read TTA's plea to the viewers:

Teen Titans' Sixth Season Looks Unlikely

As of November 15th, a source very close to production of Teen Titans has alerted titanstower.com: The prospect of a sixth season of the popular series is looking very, very, very dim. So if anyone was inclined to start a letter writing campaign, it needs to be started yesterday!

If you feel there are more Titans stories to be told, let Cartoon Network know how you feel. Snail mail is the most effective way. Scores of individual letters have the most impact; Petitions are generally worthless in networks' eyes. The best bet is to start a letter writing campaign with individual heartfelt letters stating you would like the show to continue. MAKE SURE TO PUT "SAVE TEEN TITANS!" BIG AND BOLD ON THE OUTSIDE ENVELOPE!

I found the name of the man responsible for Programming and Development of Cartoon Network: Senior Vice President Bob Higgins. We can start addressing letters to him. Spread the word and tell your friends. Titans Fans - Go!

Cartoon Network Official Mailing Address: SAVE TEEN TITANS! [Big and Bold] Cartoon Network 1050 Techwood Drive Atlanta, GA 30318 Cartoon Network Feedback on the web.

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This week's episode, titled "Lightspeed" introduces Kid Flash into the DC Animated world.