Its DVD Tuesday... Superman Returns is now available, in 3 different flavors: Full/Widescreen, Special Edition & Deluxe Edition! If you haven't seen the movie yet, go out and grab a copy. Also, the Ultimate Edition (with over 20 hours of bonus features) contains all Superman movies to date, including Superman II: The Richard Donner cut (which is definitely a must-watch/buy!) The Donner cut can also be purchased separately. And lastly, Superman Returns is available for just about every console in the land.

I want to thank everyone who emailed me about your LCS (local comic shops), this list is getting so huge! I also want to thank everyone who still go to the blogs on a daily basis, I am working on a lot of cool stuff coming up, and its just been a tough year but thats no excuse for me not to give you an update of whats been going on. In the coming week(s) there will be new material up and I hope you all continue with me as you have for this long (December 13th will be the 2 year anniversary so theres gonna be a lot going on around then!)