Spider-Man & Mary Jane - no more?

The internet's been abuzz about this possibility since Civil War ended... but was it worth it? In "One More Day" it seems that Mephisto offered to restore May to perfect health - at the cost of Peter & MJ's marriage. He agrees to make the world "forget" that Peter is Spidey, and the couple spend one more day together, ultimately agreeing this was the best course and their love would reunited them someday. The next morning Peter wakes up to find he was never married to MJ, still lived with his aunt... seems the status quo now matches with that of the 70s/80s' Spidey, as his modern history is gone. You can check for the revised history after the break.

Joe Quasada has been pretty adamant about their marriage being nullified for a while now, based on the fact that Peter & MJ were married in the comics only to have it appear in continuity first before being published in the strip:

Sometime around 1986-87 the Spider-Man daily newspaper strip was losing some steam. Stan, who was writing the script was asked to do something to spike it and get people interested. Stan thought that the best thing to do was to marry Peter and MJ in the strip. He supposedly called Jim Shooter leaving Jim a message saying that Spidey was going to get married in the papers within the next few months. Shooter not wanting to see this happen in the strip before it happened in the comics tore up Heaven and Earth in order to get Peter and MJ together and married as soon as possible. Remember, at this point in time in Spidey continuity Peter and MJ weren't even dating, as a matter of fact she wasn't even living in New York. So, within a matter of issues, she was back in his life, engaged instantly, and married just as quickly.

Personally, I think it may be a good idea. I wasn't too happy when I heard his ID was publicly known anyway, and now the Clone Saga didn't happen? Even better! But does this mean Carnage doesn't exist, or that Eddie Brock is still Venom, now cancerless? Either way, we can get back to reading classic Spidey stories!