Singer Beyoncé Knowles is interested in play Wonder Woman on the silver screen and has met with representatives at DC Comics and Warner Bros. to discuss donning the red, white and blue bathing suit on screen, she says.

"After doing these roles that were so emotional I was thinking to myself, 'OK, I need to be a superhero,'" Beyoncé tells the Times. "Although, when you think about the psychology of the heroes in the films these days, they are still a lot of work, of course, and emotional. But there's also an action element that I would enjoy."

My opinion? I think she'd be great for the role, but there are folks out there who would openly criticize the fact that Beyoncé is African-American, similar to the backlash against Jessica Alba (who is Mexican-American) when she was first reported to have taken the role as Invisible Girl in the Fantastic Four movies. Hopefully people can look past this, if she is in fact chosen.