"The Dark Knight" on Sunday became the second movie in Hollywood history to top $500 million at the domestic box office, raising its total to $502.4 million, according to estimates from distributor Warner Bros.

The film hit that mark in just over six weeks, half the time it took "Titanic," which reached $500 million in a little more than three months. "Titanic," the biggest modern blockbuster, remains No. 1 on the domestic charts with $600.8 million.
Factoring in today's higher admission prices, "The Dark Knight" would need to take in about $900 million to match the number of tickets sold by "Titanic."

Dan Fellman, head of distribution at Warner Bros. expects "The Dark Knight" to finish at about $530 million, though it could reach $550 million if business persists as strongly as it has.

Overseas, the film led the foreign box office for a third consecutive weekend - and fourth overall - as its international sales hit $417 million (230 million pounds).

The film earned an estimated $19 million from 62 markets, led by No. 1 rankings in Germany ($4.4 million in its second weekend) and France ($3.3 million in its third). The top markets overall are the U.K. with $90.3 million and Australia with $41.1 million.

As of now, worldwide, TDK has made over 900 million..

Domestic: $502,421,000 54.7%
+ Foreign: $416,700,000 45.3%
= Worldwide: $919,121,000 !