Via Blog@Newsarama:
Dogmatic Films is putting together a documentary about Comic-Con and is looking for young artists who plan to share their portfolio or comic with publishers in San Diego next week. Here are the details:

Throughout Comic-Con in San Diego next week, Dogmatic Films is filming a documentary about the experience from the perspective of several attendees. In addition to showcasing the cultural phenomenon that Comic-Con has become through interviews with celebrities, industry executives, comic book store owners, costumed veterans, first timers, and so on, we will be following several attendees throughout the convention. Like many Comic-Con attendees, our main subjects are either looking to be discovered or are hoping to discover something new for themselves.

We have lined up most of our participants, but are actively looking for a young artist who is bringing his/her portfolio to be reviewed by DC Comics, Marvel, etc, in hopes of getting a job as an artist. Secondly, we are also looking for someone with an independent comic book hoping to get it picked up by a bigger publisher or attract a wider audience.

In addition, if you’re an industry executive, comic book store owner, professional artist, and so on, we’d love to interview you. One of our cameras will be dedicated for these interviews, so we can accomodate your schedule at the convention.

If you or someone you know would be interested in this exciting project, please email us at: and we will arrange to meet at the convention. Thank you!