I have a small (2,500) comic book collection and about 50 trade paperbacks, graphic novels and the like. I was reading this thread today which made me think: Which collected trades should I get? Here's a ongoing list of stuff I wanna get:

*Planet Hulk Omnibus (Though I'm only missing the last chapter from the story)

*Heroes - The Graphic Novel (for my girl, she loves that show...)
*New Teen Titans - The Judas Contract TPB
*Batman - Knightsend (Got the Knightfall TPB way back in '93... wonder if it's still in print?)
*Superman - Return of Superman (just to complete the Death of/World Without a Superman TPBs)
*Crisis On Infinite Earths (to help with a future project of mine)
*The Legion of Super-Heroes - An Eye For An Eye TPB (Kinda symbolic for me...)
*Superman - Whatever Happened To The Man of Tomorrow? (best Superman story EVER)

*Death:The High Cost of Living TPB
*V For Vendetta
*The Witching Hour
*Y The Last Man vol. 1-9