MTV News' Stephen Totilo managed to snag a plethora of details on the PSP 2000 (that's what they're calling it internally) from SCEA's head of marketing for the PSP division John Koller.

All future PSP titles from Sony will utilize the upgraded 333MHz clockspeed, reportedly without a hit on battery life, said Koller. A second thumbstick was considered, as was (briefly) a built-in hard drive instead of Memory Stick. Both ideas were ultimately turned down.

Sony has given the PSP-2000 a Japanese release date of Sept. 20. The handheld will release for ¥19,800 ($162) in six colors (black, white, silver and three pastels). If you'd like to know more about the gooey innards of the machine, feel free to check out the manual. PSP-2000 units will cost $199 in the US for an entertainment pack and $169 for the stand alone, they'll replace the original PSP model the same way the DS Lite replaced the phat.