press release:, the premier licensed comic book online portal, has announced their official release of the first issue of Lions, Tigers and Bears Volume 1. With the first three issues of the acclaimed Lions, Tigers and Bears mini-series from Image Comics sold out, this will provide millions of PSP users with their first opportunity to enter the world of the Stuffed Animal Kingdom.

"We’re extremely overjoyed that so early in’s launch we’re able to offer Lions, Tigers and Bears to the PSP audience! When I tell you this series is written with sensitivity and adventure and drawn in a captivating animated style, it isn’t just because I am part of the original comic book team – but as a comic fan, it is a style of book that I’ve waited all my life to read!" said Dave Lanphear, co-founder of "Lions, Tigers and Bears is terrific all-ages reading!"

Lanphear’s twenty years of award-winning print production experience, accentuated with his decade long emphasis on pure digital production and his strong, personal ties to the comic industry through his studio, has opened a large library of comic book properties for PSPcmx™.

"I’d heard Dave raving about Lions, Tigers and Bears earlier in the year, and he lavished a lot of time on the books," recalls’s other co-founder Gabo Mendoza. "When I saw the online version, it was my first time seeing the books, and it’s nothing short of a blockbuster animated film and fun video-game brought to life as a comic book! I was blown away!" Mendoza is best known by his first name, Gabo of Since 1997, Gabo has been lavished with international acclaim for his revolutionary vision and online exhibitions of cutting edge web and media development.

"When we were approached by PSPcmx to put the first issue of Lions, Tigers and Bears out on the PSP, the only thing I could think of was just how utterly cool this is," exclaimed Mike Bullock, creator and writer of the critically acclaimed comic book series. "I’ve been a fan of the Playstation since the first time I ever laid eyes on a Twisted Metal commercial on television and to be able to look at the gorgeous artwork Jack Lawrence created for Lions, Tigers and Bears on a Playstation console is just unbelievable!" will roll out the first issue of Lions, Tigers and Bears over two downloads, keeping file sizes optimally small and quick. The first download, Lions, Tigers & Bears 1A, is online now and can be downloaded directly from the site at The update for Lions, Tigers & Bears 1B will be available May 25th 2005.

For fans of either the PSP or Lions, Tigers and Bears this couldn’t come at a better time, with the recent announcement of the 112-page Lions, Tigers and Bears trade paperback, collecting the entire mini-series and made available through comic book retailers and book sellers worldwide in July from Alias Entertainment and Runemaster Studios, Inc.