The Spectre returns to the DCU in DAY OF VENGEANCE #1, which sold out at
DC Comics over a week before arriving in stores on April 27.

Now, DC sends this issue back to press for a new printing featuring a
powerful new color cover by comics legend Walter Simonson!

DAY OF VENGEANCE #1 Second Printing (FEB058476) reprints the story by Bill Willingham with art by Justiniano & Walden Wong. This new printing is
scheduled to arrive in stores on May 25.

"This is wonderful news, but also a bit worrisome," says Willingham.
"I've just started writing the sixth and final issue of DAY OF VENGEANCE,
and now the pressure's doubly on to make this end with a bang. I don't
like to brag, but DAY OF VENGEANCE is a series that should come with
safety belts - it's going to be a wild ride. The entire magic corner of
the DC Universe is going to be turned over, crunched, munched and whacked
upside the head a few times."

"Like the other three miniseries spinning out of COUNTDOWN TO INFINITE
CRISIS, sales momentum for DAY OF VENGEANCE is very strong," says Bob
Wayne, DC's VP - Sales. "Retailers should place their orders for this new
printing as soon as possible, as well as increasing orders on the coming

DAY OF VENGEANCE #1 Second Printing (FEB058476) is available for order now and is scheduled to arrive in stores on May 25 with a cover price of $2.50
U.S. As always, check out the Day of Vengeance mini-site here.